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Wyrd Sisters: Warming Witches' Brew

Wyrd Sisters: Warming Witches' Brew

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By the pricking of my thumbs,
Something wicked this way comes...

Inspired by the three witches of Macbeth, Wyrd Sisters is a potent and complex herbal blend that's more akin to a potion or tonic than a tea.

Perhaps best brewed in a cauldron, this naturally caffeine-free Rooibos tea combines warming spices such as cloves and cardamom with earthy herbs, dried fruits and flower petals.

The effect is restorative and energising – bringing balance, harmony and a note of sinister conspiracy.


Brewing instructions: 2-3g, 4-6mins, 100°, 200ml

Ingredients: Rosehip, Anise, Raspberry, Nettle, Liquorice, Cardamon, Rooibos, Clove, Calendula and Safflower Petals.

Tasting notes: Mellow herbaceous character with light spice. Expect punchy liquorice and clove notes.

Colour: Pale burnt sienna with citrus highlights


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