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Monkey's Paw: Cursed Green Tea

Monkey's Paw: Cursed Green Tea

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Monkey's Paw is a handmade Chinese green tea of the highest order, sourced from Fujian Province, Wuyi Mountain, China.

Picked in late March from tea plants grown at 2,500 - 5,000ft elevation, only the top two leaves and bud of the bushes are used. The tea leaves still have a hairy down on them and so are said to resemble a monkey's paw.

While a green tea, the infused liquor and visual appearance is so delicate it could almost be thought of as a white tea, and as such is often known as White Monkey Paw tea.


Tasting notes: Velvety smooth with very delicate, yet clear, green tea flavour. Slightly vegetal with a light body.

Brewing instructions: 3-5g, 2-4mins, 80°, 200ml

Ingredients: Cursed green tea.

Colour: Pale green.


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